Nut Growing in Illinois

Circular 1102


Several species of nut-producing trees are native to parts or all of Illinois; other species have been imported into the state. Possibilities of profitable commercial production of nuts in Illinois are limited, but growing nuts for home use can be an interesting hobby, providing nourishing and delicious food and enhancing the landscape.

This circular is prepared for the homeowner rather than the commercial producer. The suggested cultural practices are designed to be within the scope of the interested homeowner.

Table of Contents

Nut species
Suggested varieties
Growth requirements
Establishing nut trees
Controlling nut predators
Controlling insects and diseases
Major insct pests
Major diseases
Harvesting and handling black walnuts

Revised by D.J. Williams in 1996.

Originally prepared in 1986 by D.B. Meador, Professor of Pomology; J.C. McDaniel, Assistant Professor of Horticulture (deceased); C.C. Doll, Area Extension Advisor in Fruits and Vegetables; M.C. Shurtleff, Professor of Plant Pathology; and R. Randell, Professor of Agricultural Entomology.