SPOTTED SPURGE, Euphorbia preslii Guss. 1, whole plant; 2, leaf; 3, flower and seed pod; 4, seed; 5, distribution. Annual, with shallow taproot, germinating late in the spring or early summer. Stems erect and spreading, 6 inches to 3 feet (15 to 90 cm) in height, with milky juice. Leaves ovate, edges slightly toothed, borne on a short petiole, with a conspicuous reddish spot or blotch. Flowers small, with minute petals in the form of a cup. Seed pods on short stalks from the cuplike base, smooth, 3-lobed, ribbed, with 3 seeds. Seeds 3-sided, oblong, dark brown or black, pitted with ridged surfaces. Found in gardens, fields, and waste areas. Also commonly known as nodding spurge.

 PROSTRATE SPURGE, Euphorbia maculata L. 6, whole plant; 7, flower and seed pod; 8, seed; 9, distribution. Stems prostrate, forming a mat. Leaves and seed pods are hairy and much smaller than the above. Leaves spotted like those of spotted spurge. Found chiefly in gardens and open areas; also in lawns and turf. Also commonly known as milk purslane.