PRICKLY SIDA, Sida spinosa L. 1, plant; 2, section of stem showing spines; 3, flower; 4, seed pod enclosed by calyx; 5, single section of pod containing seed. Annual, reproducing by seeds. Taproot slender, branching, rather long. Stems erect, branching widely, softly hairy, bearing 2 to 3 short, blunt, spiny projections below each node. Leaves alternate, simple, oblong, with toothed edges. Flowers with 5 pale yellow petals, solitary or clustered in axils of leaves. Seed pod splitting when ripe into 5 one-seeded sections, each with 2 sharp, spreading spines at the top. Seeds about 1/16 inch (1.5 mm) long, 3-angled, egg-shaped, dull dark reddish-brown. Found late in the season in waste places, cultivated fields, gardens, and pastures.