HEAL-ALL, Prunella vulgaris L. 1, plant in flower; 2, prostrate stem; 3, single flower; 4, seed. Perennial, reproducing by seed and by runners which root freely at the nodes. Stems 2 to 24 inches (5 to 60 cm) long, erect or prostrate, branched, 4-sided, hairy when young, becoming smooth when older. Leaves oval, opposite, margins smooth or slightly notched, 1 to 4 inches (2.5 to 10 cm) long, hairy to smooth, with moderately long petioles. Flowers 2-lipped tubes, violet or purple, borne in the axils of short bracts in a dense spike. Seeds borne 4 in a pod, each somewhat pear-shaped, slightly flattened on 2 sides, brown with dark lines, slightly rough. Found in lawns, fields, and waste places where there is considerable moisture.