SMOOTH GROUNDCHERRY, Physalis subgIabrata Mack. and Bush. 1, entire plant with perennial horizontal rootstock and young plant; 2, portion of stem with leaves and flowers; 3, fruit. Perennial, reproducing by seeds and rootstocks. Stems erect but may be widely branching; hairy on young growth, smooth later; 1 to 3 feet (30 to 90 cm) tall. Leaves alternate, thin, ovate to lanceolate, entire to slightly toothed, long-petioled, smooth or slightly hairy. Flowers bell-like, yellow to yellowish-green with purple center, calyx sharply 5-toothed. Fruit round, berrylike, reddish to purplish, enclosed by inflated papery calyx. Seeds numerous, small, yellowish-brown, flattened, and wrinkled. Found in cultivated fields, gardens, and noncultivated areas.