BUFFALOBUR, Solanum rostratum Dunal. 1, entire plant; 2, 3, seed pods; 4, seed; 5, flower. Annual, reproducing by seeds. Stem erect, branched in upper portion, 6 to 24 inches (15 to 60 cm) tall, hairy, densely covered
with long stiff yellow prickles. Leaves 2 to 5 inches (5 to 12.5 cm) long, alternate, petioled, densely hairy, cut into deep rounded lobes; veins, midribs, and petioles very prickly. Flowers yellow with 5 lobes, 1 to 1-1/2 inches (2.5 to 3.8 cm) across, in clusters from stalks on upper branches. Fruit a berry enclosed in a rough-spiny bur. Seeds numerous, round, flattened, dull brownish-black. Found in fields, overgrazed pastures, yards, roadsides, and waste areas.