WOOLLY PLANTAIN, Plantago purshii Roem. and Schult. 1, entire plant with taproot; 2, lower half of seed pod; 3, upper half of seed pod; 4, seed. Annual, reproducing by seeds. Stems erect, without leaves, 3 to 10 inches (7.5 to 25 cm) tall, woolly-haired. Leaves narrow, ascending, linear, narrowing to a petiole at the base, 3-nerved, 1 to 5 inches (2.5 to 12.5 cm) long, covered with silky, white hairs. Flowers numerous, petals inconspicuous, surrounded by bracts, in dense cylindrical spikes. Seed pod containing 2 seeds, splitting across middle. Seeds reddish-brown, with convex side and hollow inner face giving a boat-shaped appearance. Found in dry overgrazed pastures and wasteland.