POVERTYWEED, Iva axillaris Pursh. 1, entire plant; 2, flower head; 3, seed. Perennial, reproducing by seeds and creeping rootstocks. Stems 6 inches to 2 feet (15 to 60 cm) tall, erect, branched, very leafy. Leaves without petioles, opposite or the upper ones alternate, narrowly oblong, somewhat thick or fleshy, stiff, and rough to the touch. Flower heads small, drooping, surrounded by bracts in the form of a 5-lobed cup, borne in axils of the upper leaves. Several greenish-yellow disk flowers included in each head. Seeds egg-shaped, flattened, sometimes curved, grayish-brown in color. Found in grain fields, meadows, cultivated crops, and waste places. Common in dry areas on alkaline or saline soils.