Illinois Research

Spring/Summer 1991
Volume 33, Numbers 1/2

Agricultural Experimentation Station: Biotechnology

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
College of Agricultural, Consumer and Environmental Sciences

Directions (Biotechnology: A Tool for Change)
W.R. Gomes
Biotechnology: Issues, Ethics and Regulations
Tina M. Prow
The Role of Plants in Environmental Toxicology
Michael J. Plewa
Improving Nutritional Quality of Meat Animals
Floyd K. McKeith
Links to Industry
Tina M. Prow
The Economics of Biotechnology in Field-Crop Production
Lowell D. Hill and Wojciech J. Florkowski
The Kunitz Soybean Variety
Theodore Hymowitz
Biotechnology of Grain Quality Traits
Alan L. Kriz
Microbial Technology
Hans-Peter M. Blaschek, Roderick I. Mackie, and Paul D. Shaw
Animal and Plant Genomic Research
Lawrence B. Schook and A. Lane Rayburn
Molecular Identification
Charles R. Vossbrinck
RFLPs and Corn Improvement
John W. Dudley
Restriction Fragment Length Polymorphisms
Torbert R. Rocheford
Diagnosing Carriers of Genetic Diseases
James L. Robinson
Animal and Plant Transformation: The Application of Transgenic Organisms in Agriculture
Matthew B. Wheeler, Stephen K. Farrand, and Jack M. Widholm
Biotechnology and Plant Membranes: Future Implications
Alan L. Kriz
Genetic Transformation of Crop Species
Angus G. Hepburn
Improving Photosynthesis by Gene Engineering
William L. Ogren
Bridging Plant Biotechnology and Field Research
Mary Ann L. Smith
Biotechnology in Horticulture
Robert M. Skirvin
Biotechnology in Forestry
David E. Harry, Jeffrey O. Dawson, and Robert M. Skirvin
Biotechnology of Aging
Keith W. Kelley
In Progress